Social Media Psychology

Psychology is hidden behind everything we do. Every small action that does not register even as a purposeful action even. What better a way to learn about marketing than measurable statistics?

So think: Why do people share? What makes a video go viral? What draws someone to click a link? Or give over their email address?

Of course at the end of the day there’s no formula to proven virality. But knowing Social Media Psychology definitely increases your likelihood of a hit but there are a ton of factors involved and a certain ‘X Factor’ that’s difficult to quantify.

But by understanding why people share, you can greatly improve your click rates, open rates, impression conversions, and so on. If you are not sure where to start, think about why you yourself use social media. Likely it is to communicate with friends and family, scan through what is going on in the world by what people share, look for trends, etc. So if you create content that supplements those reasons the likelihood of it being shared is higher than generic content with non-relevant content.

Add Value

The core and most important factor that you should think about while creating social media is this; Always add value to the user. Your post title can be as on-point as you like but that will only take you so far if your content is poor and adding no value to the reader. If your friend tagged you in a post and you read it only to find that it was poorly spelled and very dull, you’d likely just be annoyed!

So make sure that your content is excellent quality and that means not only in terms of the subject matter and offering value but also in terms of the way it is written and even the way it is presented. Think long and hard about Social Media Psychology before you post.

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