Does Good Copywriting Matter?

One of the most important and overlooked skills required in any business is copywriting.

Why else would some copywriters make MILLIONS of dollars a year?

The text on your page, in your ad, in your email, in your signage, and everywhere else is not only important for SEO (search engine optimization) but also boost your conversion rates through the roof

This is why high quality copywriting is essential to make sure your content is valuable, engaging, and relevant is essential to growing your business.

Anyone with an hours time can set up a website with some informational pages, an About Us section, and a couple blog posts. But it is the businesses that are dedicated to providing valuable information to customers that truly standout

Quality copywriting is one of the best ways to ensure that the information you provide to your customers teaches them something new and is relevant to their business.

At MYST we have specialists trained in Copywriting and all of the nuances and psychology that exists underneath it.

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What Does It Take?

Most people do not make it beyond the first page of a search engine. That being so if you are not ranking that high your copy likely needs work.

When you are facing tough competition sometimes great value adding copy is not enough. You have to take it a step forward

Your words must also be engaging. You want to engage the users emotion and speak to their personality. Use adjectives and emotionally charged words keep the attention of your user.

Break up your text with things like

  • subheadings
  • bullet points
  • or lists

This makes your copy more readable, as many online users simply scan for interesting and relevant information. When your customer can read the material easily and feel a connection, you make it easier for him or her to respond.

To keep your page ranking you need to be cognizant of Keywords. While writing copy be sure to use your focus word a few times throughout. But you have to be careful to not overdo it, if you do it can negatively effect your SEO as well.

Instead, your copywriting should be infused with enough specific keywords to make the page relevant to your user base. And without getting blocked out by spam filters.

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